Dragon Ball

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Movie 1: Borunks' Revenge (fits in between the Xicor Saga and the Super Goku Saga)

Narrator: The Z Warriors, accompanied by their new allie, Xicor, are off enjoying a nice picknic in the forest. But just a few trees away, someone else is enjoying their plots for global domination.
Alakaz: Hahaha! This is perfect, all the greatest fighters are gathered together. Snowsay!
Snowsay: Sir?
Alakaz: Gather your men and find out which one of them is the strongest.
Snowsay: Yes sir.
Back at the picnic area, Goku pops out of the water with a hugfe fish in his hands.
Chichi: Don't you think that one's a little too big?
Goku: I don't think it's big enought to fill me, and there's more then just me here.
Goku notices something moving in the bushes.
Krillan: Goku, What is it?
Four funny looking people and a Saiyan female jump out of the trees and surround the Z Warriors.
Bulma: Oh great, trouble.
Gohan: What do you want?
Snowsay: We are here to find out which one of you is the strongest.
Goku jumps out of the water and leave the fish beside the barbeque.
Goku: Oh, is that it? Xicor, why don't you show them.
Vegeta kicks Snowsay into a tree.
Vegeta: Kakarott, don't be foolish. Look at their foreheads. Goku looks at Oscar's forehead and notices the Majin symbol.
Goku: WHAT?! But how?!
Snowsay stands up then falls to his knees, holding his head in pain. Then he suddenly stands back onto his feet with his eyes glowing an eriee red.
Alakaz: (Talking through Snowsay's body) So you are familiar with the Majin family?
Goku: Yes, an evil man, Babadi came to Earth to resurect Majin Buu. Fortunately, Buu destroyed Babadi. Then I put a stop to Buu.
Alakaz:(talking through Snowsay's body) Babadi was my father.
Deep in the woods, Alakaz is looking into his crystal ball.
Alakaz: Kill them all!
Snowsay,Oscar, Max, Laetacia & Jeanin: Yes, Master.
Snowsay kicks Vegeta into the air and then drop kicks him into the water.
Snowsay: That's one down. Vegeta reaches his arm out of the water, grabs Snowsay's ankle and pulls him under.
Goku: Vegeta!
Goku begins running towards the water, but Oscar jumps in front of Goku.
Oscar: Your fight's with me.
Oscar punches Goku into a bunch of trees. Chichi ignores the fighting and keeps cooking.
Chichi: Can't those boys think of anything besides fighting?
Back in the water, Vegeta throws Snowsay into a rock and goes to punch. Snowsay swims up, making Vegeta punch the rock. Snowsay kicks Vegeta to the bottom of the lake. Snowsay begins launching blasts at Vegeta. Back on dry land, Goku and Oscar are attack eachother in the sky. Snowsay floats out of the water, holding Vegeta by the collar of his armor.
Snowsay: Is that all you Saiyans have?
Future Trunks: Father!
Future Trunks begins running towards Snowsay. Snowsay throws Vegeta. Future Trunks is about to catch Vegeta, but Jeanin kicks future Trunks away and Vegeta falls to the ground. Oscar kicks Goku towards future Trunks. Future Trunks stands up, and Goku ends up knocking into future Trunks. Gohan starts running at Jeanin. Laetacia explodes out from the ground beneeth Gohan and kicks him into the air. Jeanin jumps up and clutches Gohan back to the ground. Chibi Trunks and Goten both charge at Max. They both punch and kick at Max, but Max easily blocks all the attacks. Max grabs both Goten's and chibi Trunks' heads and slams them together, and then into the ground. Jeanin launches a Ki ball at Gohan. Suddenly, the Ki ball is knocked away by another Ki ball.
Gohan: Pic....Piccolo?
Piccolo charges at Jeanin and kicks her in the face. Jeanin doesn't even flinch. Jeanin grabs Piccolo's foot and throws him down beside Xicor.
Piccolo: Why arn't you fighting!?
Xicor: And hog all the fun?
Piccolo: Whatever.
Piccolo struggles to his feet. Max elbows Piccolo in the back, knocking him to the ground. Xicor stands up.
Goku: Xicor, don't!
Goku gets back up.
Goku: I'll take care of this.
Goku goes Super Saiyan. Goku charges at Max. Max knees Goku. Goku falls to the ground as he faints. Back in the forest, Alakaz is looking through his crystal ball.
Alakaz: Good, now finish the others.
Snowsay begins to charge at Bulma. A Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta steps in.
Vegeta: How dare you try to hurt my sexy wife! Now you've really pissed me off!
Vegeta punches Snowsay into the sky and blasts him to pieces. Max, Oscar, Jeanin and Laetacia begin to attack Vegeta. They begin kicking and punching him all over. Goku wakes up to see Vegeta fall to the ground.
Xicor: Goku, I'm sorry.
Goku nods. Xicor power ups into a Super Saiyan 5. Alakaz is watching through his crystal ball.
Alakaz: Yes, what power! He'll be perfect!
Back at the fight, Xicor stops powering up. Oscar flies towards Xicor. Xicor punches Oscar's head off. Xicor then Blasts Oscar's head and body to pieces. Max and Laetacia charge at Xicor. Xicor chops Laetacia in half and punches through Max's stomach. Xicor then creates a Ki ball inside of Max, blowing max to pieces. Xicor begins walking towards Jeanin. Just before he punches her, he stops. Xicor drops to his knees, holding his head.
Xicor: RAHH!! What's happening to me?!
Goku, Goten and chibi trunks get up.
Goku: No! He's taking control of him!
Xicor: RAH!!!
Xicor lets go of his head and stands up to reveal the Majin symbol on his forehead.
Alakaz: Kill them all! All of them!
Xicor: Yes, Master.
Xicor punches Jeanin far into the forest.
Alakaz: What are you doing?!
Xicor: You told me to kill everyone.
Xicor charges towards Goku. Suddenly, a blast falls from the sky and lands infornt of Xicor, stopping him in his tracks. Xicor looks up to see Broly. Broly drops to the ground.
Goku: Broly, it's not his fault.
Broly: Don't worry, I'll handle this. Trunks, get up!
Future Trunks struggles to his feet.
Broly: Let's do this.
The two preform the fusion dance.
Broly & Future Trunks: FU....SION...HA!
The two become Borunks.
Alakaz: Xicor, destroy this fool!
Xicor: Yes, master.
Xicor charges at Borunks. Borunks back hands Xicor, sending him into the forest. Back where Alakaz is, he is looking through his crystal ball.
Alakaz: Yes, I need him!
Back at the picnic area, Xicor is flying towards Borunks.
Alakaz: Xicor, stop.
Xicor stops. Alakaz walks out from behind a tree with a mask covering his face.
Alakaz: I see no more use in you.
Alakaz waves his hands and Xicor begins to get fat. Then Xicor explodes. Xicor heals back to normal without the Majin symbol on his forehead. Suddenly, Borunks falls to the ground and holds his head.
Borunks: Get out of my head!
Borunks stands up and turns into a Mystic Saiyan. Borunks looks at Goku and Goku sees the Majin Symbol on Borunks' forehead.
Borunks: Out of my head!
Borunks launches a blast at Alakaz. Alakaz gets fried and drops to the ground.
Goku: Alright, you got him!
Borunks: It's not him.
Goku: What?
Vegeta struggles to his feet.
Vegeta: What do you mean, it's not him?! I just saw you fry the little bastard.
Borunks: I can still feel him trying to take control.
Alakaz walks out from behind a tree.
Alakaz: Yes, I am still here. And you are the only one who I've seen that can with stand all my mind controlling tactics. But since I can't have you, I might as well destroy you!
Vegeta: That's some big talk comming from such a little man. But if a real fight's what you want, come and get a piece of me!
Vegeta flies towards Alakaz. Alakaz powers up, making his hieght 4 times as tall as before and making his muscles as big as Borunks' muscles. Alakaz clutches Vegeta to the ground, knocking him out.
Alakaz: Who's the little man now? HAHAHAHA!!
Alakaz then elbow drops Vegeta in the back. Vegeta's eyes open up wide as he lets out a scream of pain.
Goku: Vegeta, hang in there!
Alakaz is about to elbow drop Vegeta again, but Goku grabs Alakaz's elbow. Alakaz kicks Goku, sending him hurling towards some trees. Alakaz picks up Vegeta and throws him at Goku. Goku regains control of himself before he hits the tree behind him. Goku looks up and Vegeta slams into Goku, sending them both through the tree.
Borunks: Enough playing around.
Borunks charges towards Alakaz. Alakaz jumps into the air as Borunks punches a tree. Borunks follows Alakaz into the air. Borunks starts punching Alakaz in the stomach. Alakaz punches Borunks in the face. Borunks glides back a bit. Borunks takes off his wieghted gloves and boots. His stuff falls to the ground and sinks into the ground as it hits it.
Borunks: I'm done with the warm up.
Borunks begins to power up.
Alakaz: More power?! Good, this will be fun!
Borunks charges towards Alakaz and punches him into the lake. A large wave washes up on shore and allows Goku's fish to swim back into the lake as the water flows back into the lake.
Chichi: Hey! My husband was going to eat that!
Borunks dives into the water after Alakaz. Their combined powers created a huge whirlpool. They begin punching and kicking eachother as they rise into the sky. Alakaz knees Borunks in the stomach and the elbows him in the back. Alakaz turns Borunks' arm around and breaks it. Alakaz pulls Borunks' sword out of it's casing and swings it at Borunks. Borunks moves out of the sword's path, but Alakaz kicks Borunks to the ground.
Borunks: I can't move.
Alakaz throws Borunks' sword at him. The sword goes through Borunks' shoulder, pinning him to the ground.
Borunks: AH!
Krillan runs up to Borunks and pulls out the sword. Krillan flies up at Alakaz with the sword in his hands. Krillan swings the sword at Alakaz, but partially misses, only leaving a tiny scratch across Alakaz's chest.
Alakaz: You fool!
Alakaz punches Krillan away. Piccolo catches the sword and stabs it through Alakaz's stomach. Alakaz punches Piccolo to the ground. Alakaz pulls the sword out of his stomach. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo give their energy to Borunks. Borunks stands up.
Brounks: No one tires to take over my mind and humiliate me and live to try again. I will have my revenge!
Borunks flies up towards Alakaz. Alakaz swings the sword at Borunks. Borunks defuses to dodge the sword. Both Broly and future Trunks fly through Alakaz's stomach. Once they're both out, Broly and future Trunks launch a blast at Alakaz, which destroys him.
Future Trunks: We got him!
Broly and future Trunks float down to the others while everyone is getting back on their feet. Jeanin runs out of the forest and hugs Broly.
Broly: AH! Watch the shoulder!
Jeanin: Sorry, but thank you, for saving me.
Broly: I only get a thank you after ruining a perfectly good arm?
Jeanin kisses Broly on the cheak.
Jeanin: How about we get married?
Broly: That's what I like, sluts.
Broly and Jeanin fly off.

Movie 2: Android 22 (fits in between the Mystic Saga and the Budokai Saga)

Narrator: Today, our heroes are enjoying a peaceful rest in the dead of night. Vegeta, instead of resting, is searching for an enemy worthy of chalenging.
Vegeta walks down an alley way full of hookers.
Hooker #1: Hey baby!
Hooker #2: You want some of this?
Disgusted, Vegeta continues walking down the alley. This one hooker walks in front of Vegeta.
Celine: I'm Celine and I'm horny. Want to play, bad boy?
Vegeta ignores her and walks passed her. Celine grabs Vegeta's shoulder.
Celine: Hey! I'm talking to you!
Vegeta: Take your filthy hand off of me, you hore!
Vegeta turns around and chops off Celine's arm. The view changes to the top of the buildings as Celine screem. The following day, Celine wakes up in the hospital. She looks to her arm to see it missing and the stub is wraped in bandages. Celine gets out of the hospital bed and stumbles out of the hospital. Over at Goku's house, Goku and Goten are in the hot tub while a fire below is keeping the water boiling hot. Goku splashes Goten.
Goten: Hey! You splashed me!
Goten splashes back at Goku and they both start laughing. Chichi walks out of the house in a red bikini and carrying a tray of lemonade in cups.
Chichi: Settle down you two.
Chichi steps into the hot tub. she lets the tray float around in the water. Goku grabs a cup and chugs the lemonade.
Goku: We should do this more often!
Over in the mountains, Celine is banging on big metal doors. The doors open and Celine walks in to see Dr. Wenshi.
Celine: You're Dr. Wenshi right?
Dr. Wenshi: Yes.
Celine: The same Dr. Wenshi that is trying to recreate the Red Ribbon Army?
Dr. Wenshi: Yes, and who might you be?
Celine: I'm Celine. One of you enemies, Vegeta, took my arm from me. I would like for you to turn me into an android so I can have my revenge.
Dr. Wenshi: If I do this you must also kill all the other Z Warriors.
Celine: Fine, I'll do anything? I'll even let you sleep with me!
Dr. Wenshi gives her a list.
Dr. Wenshi: Pick up these part and we'll begins right away.
Back at the Capsule Corp, Vegeta is just walking in the door.
Bulma: Where were you all night?
Vegeta: I had problems with another slut.
Bulma: Sleeping around again eh?
Vegeta: No, not this time.
Bulma: This time?! What other time were there?!
Vegeta ignores her question and starts to walk back outside.
Bulma: Why do you always treat me like this? I'm supposed to be a prize woman!
Vegeta: Prize woman? What contest in hell did I win?
Bulma slams the door in Vegeta's face. Vegeta flies off. He is flying over West City when sees a burglury taking place. Someone with a mask on runs out of a machanic's shop with a box under one arm. The person's other arm is missing.
Vegeta: (Thinking) I don't need to get envolved with these humans.
He continues to fly away. The rober runs into an alley and takes off the ski mask to reveal herself as Celine. Over in Satan City, the sun is beginning to set.
Gohan: Pan, time for bed. Come brush your teeth.
Pan: Just give me a second.
Pan puts on her pajama top and steps into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She walks back out of the bathroom with tooth paste all over her face.
Videl: How do you always manage to make a mess, even at the dinner table? You didn't get any on the mirror did you?
Pan: No, mom.
Videl kisses pan on the cheek.
Videl: Good night.
Early the next day, Vegeta is sitting by a fire and cooking a large dinosaur.
Android 22: Vegeta.
Vegeta turns around to see Celine in a tight, red and blue suit that has the Red Ribbon Army logo on it.
Vegeta: You! An Android now, right? I thought Dr. Gero was dead?
Android 22: Dr. Gero? No, Dr. Wenshi did this. He is trying to recreate the Red Ribbon Army. I'm the android prototype RRX 22.000231. In other words, Android 22.
Vegeta: And I suppose you're here to kill all of the Earth's Specail Forces?
Android 22: Yes, but first I want my revenge on you!
Vegeta: (Thinking) This will be an easy victory with my new stage.
Android 22: Your new stage is nothing. For I too can reach that stage. Any DNA left in this body during the procudure was mixed with yourse, giving me a Saiyan DNA basis.
Vegeta: (Thinking) How could she have known my thoughts?
Android 22 points to the computer chip on her forehead.
Android 22: This chip is a brain wave decoder, giving me ESP, the ability to read your mind. Enough stolling, I had to sleep with an old man to be like this, so fight me!
Vegeta begins to power up. He goes through every stage up to a Super Saiyan 9. He now has silver hair that touches the ground and wrapps around his legs and arms, creating a protective layer.
Vegeta: Now lets see what an android can do.
Vegeta charges at Android 22.
Android 22: Energy Sheild.
Vegeta bounces off of the energy sheild.
Android 22: Vaccum Support.
Android 22 reaches her cybernetic arm at Vegeta. It sucks Vegeta to it. Android 22 begins to obsorb energy from Vegeta. Vegeta chops the cybernetic arm off and jumps back. He takes the android's hand off of his neck and looks at the plam to see an orange orb.
Vegeta: So you need to obsorb energy to keep going?
Android 22: Incorrect. I have a buit in self generator which provides me with more then enough energy to defeat you. My energy obsorbtion unit only adds energy to my max power. There's no limit to my power.
Vegeta: Anymore surprises?
Android 22: Plenty. For example, my series 14 cybernetic arm, made of polymometic alloy.
The arm that Vegeta is holding melts and sticks itself back on to Android 22, then solidifies. Vegeta launches two blasts at Android 22. She lets them hit her.
Android 22: My class 1 armor is impenitrable by any energy attack.
Vegeta takes to the sky.
Vegeta: We'll see about that! FINAL FLASH!
Vegeta launches the Final Flash down at Android 22. She just stands there and takes it as if it were nothing. Android 22 floats into the sky.
Vegeta: So you can fly too.
Android 22: Hypersonic flight capabilities.
Vegeta charges at Android 22. She moves super fast and gets behind Vegeta. Android 22 kicks Vegeta in the back. He falls towards ground, but Android 22 moves under him and punches him back into the air. Just as Vegeta regains control of himself, Android 22 appears behind him and kicks him back to the ground. Vegeta looks beside him to see his food still cooking. Android 22 launches a blast down at Vegeta. Vegeta jumps into the air and the blast hits the ground, ruining his food.
Vegeta: That was my breakfast, you fucking slut!
Android 22: I'll take that as a compliment
Vegeta charges at Android 22 and she drops to the ground. Vegeta lands on the ground aswell and then charges st her again. Android 22 trips Vegeta. Vegeta kicks at Android 22 while is falling. She blocks with her arm and then punches Vegeta in the face. He flies back and back handsprings away from the android. Vegeta charges back at her and goes to punch, but she grabs his fist and twists him around. She grabs his long hair and begins swinging him around by it. She lets go and Vegeta slides along the ground. He then stands back up.
Vegeta: (Thinking) I can't even land a single punch on her.
Android 22: That would be because of my advanced combat expertise and enhanced speed.
Vegeta: Stop reading my mind!
Vegeta launches a blast that is going straight for the chip on her forehead, but it ends up hitting her enrgy sheild. Vegeta charges at Android 22. She spin kicks and hits him and hits Vegeta in the face. Vegeta is knocked towards a tree. He pushes himself off of the tree and back at Android 22. The two begin kicking and punching eachother as they float into the air. Vegeta punches, but the android dodges. Android 22 begins punching Vegeta in the face and stomach as fast as she can. She then moves above Vegeta . Vegeta looks up to only get a blast in the face. Vegeta hits the ground and faints.
Android 22: Dr. Wenshi sure did an excellent job. Now to finish this deal, but how do I find the others? Oh yes, I have a built in energy field analyser.
The view changes to what the android is seeing while she is using the scouter. The scouter picks up something.
Android 22: There's a couple of powerful beings.
Android 22 takes off in the direction the scouter pointed. Over at Goku's house, Chichi is putting the laundry on the clothes line. Android 22 drops down beside Chichi.
Android 22: Can Goku come out and play?
Android 22 sucks Chichi to her cybernetic arm. Chichi screams. Goku and Goten hear her scream from inside the house.
Goku: Chichi!
Back where Vegeta is lying, he wakes up.
Vegeta: RRR! That bitch! She'll pay!
Vegeta stands back up. and it begins to rain. He looks up into the sky.
Vegeta: Now how do I find her?
Vegeta senses something.
Vegeta: Kakarott!
Vegeta flies off towards Goku's house. Over at Goku's house, Goku is floating in the air as a Super Saiyan 9. Goten floast up beside Goku and transforms into a Super Saiyan 7, short red hair. Android 22 is floating in front of them.
Goku: So you're an android.
Android 22: The greatest creation. Vegeta was no match I'll be able to kill you just as easy.
Goku: What did you do to Vegeta?
Android 22: He's dead.
Goku: (Thinking) No, Vegeta. If she could beat him, Broly might have troubles with her.
Android 22: Broly will die aswell. I'll see to it myself.
Goku: Huh?
Android 22: I can read your mind, see your thoughts, there's nothing you can hide from me. Now, to complete my default program.
Android 22 charges at Goku and goes to punch. Goku dodges by moving to the side. Goku goes to kick Android22 in the back, but she moves to fast for him and moves behind Goten. She clutches Goten to the ground and launches a blast at him. Goten hits the ground and is about to get hit by the blast, but Goku jumps infront. He spreads his arms out. The blast hits him as he screams and his clothing is torn apart. The smoke clears and Goku falls on his stomach and faints. Android 22's scouter picks up something behind her. She turns around and Piccolo goes to punch, but Android 22 grabs his fist. Piccolo tries to punch again, but Android 22 grabs his fist again. She digs her finger nails into Piccolo's fists, to keep him from escaping. She begins to obsorb his energy.
Android 22: Tell me, who is this Broly character? He is not in any of my databases.
Piccolo: What's the matter? You seem worried.
Android 22: Once I fully obsorb your energy, I'll have nothing to worry about.
Piccolo: Look again.
Android 22 tuns herr head 180 degrees to see Android 18. Android 18 grabs the chip on Android 22 and rips it off. Android 22 lets go of Piccolo and knocks android 18 away. The chip lands on the ground. A foot steps on it. Android 22 looks down to see Vegeta.
Android 22: You lived?
Vegeta: And now you'll die!
Vegeta Transforms into a Super Saiyan 9. He continues to power up. Green energy from all around begins to be obsorbed into his body. He transforms into a Mystic Saiyan, green, short hair and his muscles are 3 times their size. Android 22 is trying to get a reading on her scouter of how high Vegeta's power has increased.
Android 22: What? His power is still rising! This transformation is not in my databases aswell.
Vegeta: Lets see your armor stop me now!
Android 22 tries to suck Vegeta to her hand, but he doesn't budge.
Vegeta: You really want me that bad? Then you can have me!
Vegeta charges towards Android 22. Android 22 puts up her energy sheild. Vegeta punches through the energy sheild. His punch hits Android 22 and she is sent crashing to the ground. She stands up and looks at her stomach, where Vegeta punched. In that same place, is a large crack.
Vegeta: Looks like youe dear doctor imscalculated. Pitty, I was expecting a chalenge.
Android 22 takes off towards the laboratory in the mountains. Vegeta follows. Android 22 arrives at the laboratory. Vegeta appears above her.
Vegeta: Nothing can save you, not even upgrades.
Android 22 goes to punch Vegeta. Vegeta launches a single Ki ball at her. It hits her in the sotmach and she is pushed through the wall of the mountain and into the laboratory. The ball explodes, destroying the entire mountain. The smoke clears and only Android 22's head is left.
Android 22: Activate self destruct sequance.
Vegeta drops down and steps on the android's head. Just as that is done, Android 22's head explodes. The smoke clears and Vegeta is on the ground unconscious. The scene charges to the inside of a hospital. Vegeta and Goku are in casts and sitting on hospital beds.
Goku: Vegeta, you did great out there!
Vegeta: No, I didn't get done what I wanted to, but once we're out of here, you're going down!
Goku: You got yourself a deal!
Back at the Capsule Corp, a week later, Vegeta is about to go outside.
Bulma: You better not be going to play with the hookers again.
Vegeta: No, I'm going to kick Kakarott's ass.
Bulma walks up to Vegeta.
Bulma: Oh no you're not, first, you're going to go paint off all the grafity on our side wall.
Bulma gives Vegeta a paint brush and a can of paint. Vegeta walks out bhind the building to see Goku spary painting on the wall.
Goku: Oh, hi Vegeta.
Goku continues to spray paint.
Goku: There, a masterpeice.
It says "Kamehameha, by: Goku". Vegeta throws the can of paint at Goku. the paint goes all over Goku's face.
Vegeta: That's it! I'm am going to kick your ass!

Movie 3: Violent Fight On Earth(Fits in between the Broby Saga and the Vegeta Saga)

Coming soon!

Movie 4: Last Hope Before Extiction (Fists in between the Black Dragon Saga and the Fury Saga)

Movie 5: The Lost Legacy (TV Special) (Fists in before the Xicor Saga)


Narrator: Years have passed since the mighty Z Warriors have passed away, but evil still lives and is trying to set all the evil of hell free.
The Black Dragon God is holding his two hands infront of him. A huge black portal opens up infront of him.
Black Dragon God: Once the Arcozian King is revived, the Arcozian race will reign once again!
Princess Lila: Not so fast!
The Black Dragon God turns around to see Princess Lila, Kabito Kai, Elder Kai, Grand Kai, and the 4 King Kai's
Kabito Kai: It's over for you!
Suddenly, a pink hand stretches out of the portal and grabs onto the Black Dragon God's neck, and pulls him through the portal.
Kabito Kai: It can't be! Listen, we all have to get out og here, now!!
King Kai: I agree.
Kabito Kai grabs on to Princess Lila's shoulders.
Kabito Kai: We have to leave.
Princess Lila: Why?
Grand Kai: Go. The rest of us will take care of this.
Kabito Kai, Princess Lila and King Kai of the Northern Quadrant fly off the escape. Four pink balls fly out of the portal and obsorb the other 3 King Kais, along with the Elder Kai. Kid Buu floats out of the portal. The four pink balls attach themselves back on to Buu's body, giving him all of the Kai's special abilities.
Grand Kai: We meet at last, Majin Buu.
Buu: Hehehehe.....HAHAHAHA!
Buu begins to power up as he pounds on his chest.
Grand Kai: There's only one who can save us.
On the planet Duo, of the Tang galaxy, in the Eastern Quadrant, Princess Lila and Kabito Kai are in Princess Lila's house.
Kabito Kai: Goku.
Princess Lila: Goku? What kind of name is that?
Kabito Kai: He's a Saiyan, and the one who defeated Majin Buu. Somehow he obsorbed a set of mystical dragon balls and it changed him, made him stronger and immortal like yourself. I must return to the planet of the Kai's to try to stop Buu. You have to find Goku and get him to help.
Kabito Kai leaves the building by teleporting away.
Princess Lila: How could I attract a powerful warrior to this planet?
King Kai: Hi, this is King Kia of the Northern Quadrant. Goku was an old student of mine.He's out of my reach, but if you want to make him come to you, present him with a challenge, and lots of food.
Princess Lila: What would you suggest?
King Kai: Why don't you try raising the gravity of the planet to as high as you can withstand. Maybe that will get his attention. You could get everyone in the galaxy to start cooking. Hahahaha.
Princess Lila nods her head and raises her hands to the sky. An erie glow of blue energy surrounds her hands and then spreads to the rest of her body and over her head. A view from space is shown of the planet growing larger and larger, nearly 10 times it's original size. On planet Horton of the Sear galaxy, in the Western Quadrant, Goku is standing in a fighting ring with a Horton warrior. The Horton warrior, who goes by the name Meosis, is a six armed, one eyed creature that is only wearing a pair of torn blue jeans.
Goku: I herd your pretty strong. Think you can keep up with me?
Meosis: I've never had the pleasure of pounding on a Saiyan, but why don't I give it a shot.
They both charge at each other. Meosis punches at Goku with only two of his fists. Goku grabs on to Meosis' fists and headbutts Meosis in the face. As soon as Goku lets go, Meosis grabs on to Goku's wrists with his two top hands and then smirks. Using his other four arms, Meosis begins punching Goku in the stomach. After about 20 punches, Meosis releases Goku and round house kicks him in the head. Goku is sent flying backwards and almost hits the floor, but he catches himself with his hands and handsprings back onto his feet. Goku looks towards Meosis, but he is missing. Goku senses his foe above and looks up to see him launching blasts at Goku, out of all six hands. The blasts make contact and explode. Meosis ends his rush of blasts and gives the dust a chance to settle. The entire ring was layed to waste by the blasts.
Meosis: Too easy.
Goku: Over here!
Goku charges at Meosis as he transforms into a Super Saiyan 3.
Meosis: What's this?
Meosis goes to punch at Goku with six fists, but Goku zilches behind him and elbows him in the back. Meosis flies forward and then turns around. Goku's plam is right in his face. Meosis looks shocked. Goku launches a large blast right in Meosis' face. Meosis falls to the ground unconscious. As Goku lands on the ground, he returns to normal. He then begins to hear two other Hortons talking.
Horton #1: I heard of a planet with 10,000 times normal gravity.
Horton #2: Wow, there must be some pretty strong fighters there.
Goku walks over to the two and join in on their conversation.
Goku: Where is this planet?
Horton #1: Planet Duo? It's in the Eastern Quadrant.
Goku: Thanks.
Goku waves good bye to the two Hortons as he flies up over the clouds. Back on planet Duo, Princess Lila and her best friend Corrin are both sitting at a table, drinking tea. Corrin is a slender goddess with brown hair and green eyes. Her clothing seem almost exotic.
Princess Lila: Now I have to wait.
Corrin: What if Goku can't do it?
Princess Lila: What do you mean? He did it before.
Corrin: Yeah, but only the Spirit Bomb was effective against Buu, and that just barely did it. They're both stronger now, probably still evenly matched. But now, Buu know what he should watch out for. Think this through.
Princess Lila: Well, what do you think I should do?
Corrin: Why don't you try creating a warrior, half God half Saiyan, then Buu will fall.
Princess Lila: You mean I should sleep with him?!
Corrin: Exactly. Good luck with that.
Corrin disappears into thin air.
Somewhere in the Western Quadrant, Goku is flying through space without a ship. he catches up to a Makyian space craft and knocks on a window. The Makyians in the ship lookout the window to see Goku holding a piece of paper that says "Which way to the Eastern Quadrant?" The Makyians point straight ahead and Goku speeds on past the ship in the right direction.
Makyian: That was wierd.
Back on planet Horton, Majin Buu is at the destroyed ring that Goku was at. He grabs one of the Hortons by the shirt and lifts him off the ground.
Buu: Goku was here. Where he go?
Horton #1: I don't know what you're talking about.
The second Horton warrior begins to punch Buu in the back. The punches only leave indents in Buu's back. The indents then pop out back to normal. Buu tunrs his head 180 degrees and launches a blast from his mouth, destroying his body.
Buu: Hehehehehehe.
Horton #1: You creep!
Buu turns his head back to who he is holding. The Horton warrior punches buu in the face.
Buu: Hehehe.
Buu releases the warrior and flies into the sky. Buu creates a huge purple ball which is identical to the Spirit Bomb.
Buu launches the death move at planet Horton. Buu continues to laugh as the planet esplodes in his face. The planet explodes and the shock wave ends of destroying the two orbiting moons. Buu is also ripped to pieces. Once the planet has finished exploding, the pieces of Buu begin to join and reform Buu's body.
Buu: Hahahaha!
Buu begins to pound on his chest with his fists. Over on the other side of the univrse, Goku is approaching the planet Duo.
Goku: I better prepare for this.
Goku transform into a Super Saiyan. He then gets closer to the planet. The gravity begins pulling Goku down to the planet.
Goku: Too heavy!
Goku lands on the ground and his feet sink into the ground. He couldn't hold his Super Saiyan level, and goes back to normal. As soon as that happens, Goku falls on his back. Goku: I forgot how much of a difference a little bit of gravity can be.
Back in the Wesern Quadrant. Buu senses Goku's enrgy increase and then decrease.
Buu: Hehehe....Me found you!
The Grand Kai appears infront of Buu. The Kai has a halo over his head.
Grand Kai: You may have beaten me, but you failed to destroy my soul. Soon Goku will be strong enought to defeat you again!
Buu stretches his arm and grabs the Grand Kai by the neck and retracts his arm, bringing the Grand Kai closer to him. Buu licks his lips.
Buu: You look tasty. Buu eat you up!
The Grand Kai begins kicking Buu in the gut. The third kick ends up getting stuck in Buu's stomach. Buu throws the Grand Kai away and then points his antena at the Kai. A pink beam hits the Grand Kai and turns him into a cookie. Buu grabs the cookie, shapped like Grand Kai, and eats it. Back on planet Duo, Princess Lila looks down at Goku.
Princess Lila: Hello, you must be Goku.
Goku: Yeah, how'd you know?
Princess Lila: I'm just a fan. I'm trying to create the perfect warrior. Think you could help?
Goku: I could, but....
Princess Lila: Great! Thank you so much!
Goku: But....
Princess Lila: Well don't just lay there, follow me.
Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and just barely manages to get himself off of the ground. He struggles to keep up with her. They approach the house, walk in and walk down the hallway. Goku happens to peak through a door way, which leads to the dinning room. Tonz of food is placed out on a table.
Goku: What's all the food for?
Princess Lila: That's for after you help me.
Goku: I guess this is worth it after all.
They reach a staircase and Prioncess Lila begins to walk up the steps.
Goku: All the way up there?
Princess Lila: Wouldn't you prefer a bed to sleep in?
Goku: I guess.
Goku instant transmits himself to the top of the staircase. The two enter a room. Goku lies down on the bed.
Princess Lila: See, I need you to help me have a...
Goku's snoring interupts her.
Princess Lila: (Thinking) Perfect, I could enter his dreams to do this, the one place he can't refuse.
Princess Lila places her hand on Goku's forehead. Her body turns into smoke that enters Goku's head through his nose, mouth, and ears.
In Goku's dream, Chichi is running towards Goku.
Chichi: Goku!
Goku: Chichi!
The two begin to kiss and Goku falls onto the ground. Chichi's clothing disappear and she turns into Princess Lila. She rips Goku's clothes off of him and the two begin to have sex.Goku suddenly wakes up. Princess Lila exits his mind and she reforms, but as if she were pregnant.
Princess Lila: What's wrong? Didn't like it?
Goku: I don't think I should stay here.
Princess Lila: No, wait!
Goku instant transmits himself off of the planet.
Princess Lila: Ow!
She holds her stomach in pain. She lies down on the bed and spread her legs. A bright beam of white light shines from between her legs. A Super Saiyan 5 baby comes out.
Princess Lila: I'll call you, Xicor. Now I pass my knowledge on to you.
Xicor begins to grow unaturally quick until he seems as if he is the age of 15.
Xicor: That was quick.
Buu senses the power of a Super Saiyan 5. He smirks and licks his lips. He gets too close to the planet and without warning, he is sucked down by the intense gravity.
Xicor: Buu is here.
Princess Lila: Yes, now do your thing.
Xicor appears infornt of Buu, who is lying on the ground.
Xicor: This will be too easy. Especially with this gravity.
Buu adapts to the gravity and stand up.
Buu: Hehehehe.
Xicor: What the?
Buu begins to power up as he pounds on his chest. Xicor charges at Buu, but Buu just knocks Xicor away with one hand. Xicor lands on his feet and charges at Buu again, but this time from behind. Buu twists his lower body around and kicks Xicor away. Buu then turns his upper body around to face Xicor. Xicor charges at Buu again, and goes to punch, but Buu jumps into the sky. Xicor follows Buu into the air and punches Buu in the face five times. The indents that were made in Buu's face pop out. Buu grabs Xicor by the neck and stretches his arm down to the ground, pushing Xicor into the ground. Buu retracts his arm, pulling him down to the ground and at Xicor. Once down there, Buu gives Xicor a good punch in the face. Buu begins punching Xicor in the face, by swining his arms in circles. The punches push Xicor further into the ground. Buu then launches a Kamehameha Wave at Xicor. The beam only sends Xicor even further into the ground. Princess Lila kicks Buu in the back. Buu turns around and kicks her away.
Xicor: Don't touch her!
Xicor spears Buu from behind and pushes him out of the crater and into the sky. Buu turns his head 180 degrees and smirks at Xicor.
Buu: Hehehe.
Buu turns into mush ans begins to surround Xicor.
Princess Lila: No!
The mushy Buu covers all of Xicor and begins to reform into Buu's body. Holes of white light begin breaking through Buu's body.
Buu: Huh?
Xicor explodes out of Buu's body, ripping Buu to shreads. The peices of Buu begin to reform again, bringing Buu back to perfect health.
Buu: Hehehehe.
Xicor punches Buu in the face, but with no effect. Xicor pulls his arm back and Buu wraps his antena around Xicor's arm. Buu pulls Xicor towasd him and kicks Xicor in the face. Xicor's arm rips out of it's socket. Xicor's new arm begins to grow back immediately. buu releases the arm that is in his grasp. As the arm falls to the ground, it begins growing and forms another Xicor.
The two Xicors charge at Buu from both sides. Buu zilches out of the way, and the two Xicors collide, and reform into one. Buu begins to power up his Vanishing Ball.
Buu: Hehehe.
Xicor launches a Ki blast at the death move, but it only makes it larger.
Buu: Hahahaha!!
Xicor: Lets see you laugh this one off!
Xicor charges at Buu. Buu launches the Vanishing Ball at Xicor. The ball hits Xicor and is obsorbed into his body. Buu's smirk turns to a frown. Xicor flies right through Buu's stomach, head first. Xicor turns around to witness the hole in Buu's stomach heals back up.
Buu: You make Buu big mad nows!
Xicor: Get ready!
Princess Lila flies up behind Buu and begins to reopen the portal. Buu charges at Xicor.
Xicor launches the Warp Kamehameha Wave right in Buu's face. Buu flies back and stops right inforn of the portal. The Black Dragon God's hands reach out of the portal and grabs onto the sides of the portal. Before Buu has a chance to regenerate himself, Xicor begins punching him in the face. The Black Dragon God sticks his head out of the portal.
Princess Lila: Hurry!
Xicor charges up his leg and gives Buu a good kick. When his foot makes contact, the energy in his foot explodes, sending Buu flying into the Black Dragon God. The two fall back throught the portal and into hell. The portal closes behind them. Xicor powers down to the normal Saiyan level.
Xicor: That was too close.
Princess Lila puts her arm around Xicor.
Princess Lila: You're the best there is. You could even take over the universe if you want, but first I think your father should train you.
Narrator: This isn't the end....It's only the begining...




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